Since the founding of the company, "to change people's lives" as the mission,
Uphold the "integrity of the world, customer respect, scientific and technological innovation, people-oriented" values, deeply rooted in Kampuchea.
After years of high quality service and innovation,
"Prosperous" has enjoyed high reputation and loyalty in Kampuchea and Southeast asia.
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    1Huione is what kind of home business?

    Huione Group Co., Ltd. formerly known as Huione currency exchange (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., in August 2014 was established in Cambodia. Since its inception, the company "change people's lives" as its mission, uphold the "integrity of the world, Yikeweizun, scientific and technological innovation, people-oriented" values, plowing in Cambodia. After many years of high-quality service and innovation, "Huione" has enjoyed a high reputation and loyalty in Cambodia and Southeast Asia.

    2How many business sector in Huione?
    The Group has established an industrial pattern of integrating financial services, tourism culture, infrastructure and related industries and formed an integrated industrial layout of Cambodia, China and overseas, covering banking, foreign exchange, asset management, trust and insurance. Of the financial services industry, tourism and cultural industries such as travel agencies, online travel, scenic spots, and hotels , infrastructure industries and subdivisions focusing on airports, seaports, education and healthcare, Cambodia's most extensive industrial chain, the most complete industrial chain, the largest scale of operation, the highest brand value of the enterprise.
    3How about Huione foreign exchange business ?

    Under the regional economic integration of ASEAN and China's "One Belt and One Road", the Group actively expanded its branches and strategic partners to form a financial network covering key cities in Cambodia and strategically located distributors in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Maucao and Taiwan. The exchange and payment of more than 10 major global currencies, mainly in the U.S. dollar and the renminbi, have effectively promoted the internationalization of the Renminbi.

    4How about Huione tourism business?

    Apart from its own travel agency, it has already established strategic cooperation with travel agencies such as CTS, CITS, Ctrip, Tongguosi, Jessica in Thailand, Siam in Thailand, and accommodation in Singapore. The Cambodia Tourism Industry Promotion Fund, which is being organized by the Group, is Cambodia's first global travel fund which will grow steadily with the rapid development of Cambodia and Southeast Asia.


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